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Vol 38 No 4

God–Lover or Judge?

Leslee Sniatynskyj

Cormac Nagle OFM

Brian Lewis

Frank Fletcher MSC

Brendan Byrne SJ

Michael Trainor


Kevin Mark


New religious books by Australasian authors


101 Questions You Asked about Islam; Mehmet Ozalp; Brandl & Schlesinger; PB $24.95 [1876040637]; 350pp; 210x135mm; 2004
Collection of answers to questions commonly asked by non-Muslim westerners about Islam. The Muslim author’s answers include references to the Qur’an and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. Part 1 examines the Faith Essentials of Islam: God and religion, the chain of prophethood and revelation, and judgment day and life after death. Part 2 considers Living Islam: personal practice and spirituality, spirituality in a mosque, and communal experience of Islam. Part 3 covers Islam in the Modern World: women in Islam, Muslims’ perspectives on life, and contemporary issues facing Islam and Muslims. Footnotes. Turkish-born author migrated to Australian in 1984 and has been involved in religious and interfaith activities since 1991. He is a founding director and president of Affinity Intercultural, an information service on Islam and Muslim culture.

Australian Religious Diary 2005; David Lovell (editor); David Lovell Publishing; HB $29.95 [1863551042]; 132pp; 240x175mm; 2004
Religious diary for Australian use from 28 November 2004 (First Sunday of Advent) until 31 December 2005. Each week-to-an-opening indicates Catholic feast days and daily lectionary readings, as well as the major feasts and holy days of Eastern Rite Catholics, the Anglican, Uniting, Lutheran and Orthodox churches, and of the Jewish and Muslim religions. Liturgical colours for each Sunday are indicated. Illustrated with 16 reproductions, 10 in colour, of religious art and sculpture by Australian artists. Includes notes on the artists, and an essay on Carmelita Clohesy, whose painting ‘Shock of the Covenant’ is used on the cover. The diary has appeared annually since 1993.

Be Not Afraid: Collected Writings; George Pell; Tess Livingstone (editor); Duffy & Snellgrove; PB $25.00 [187663197X]; 319pp; 200x130mm; 2004
Collection of 72 texts, primarily sermons, by Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney and former Archbishop of Melbourne. Where relevant the texts begin with notes on the liturgical readings, and each text concludes with notes on the date of the original sermon and its location, or publication source. Topics include the major feasts of the liturgical year; Mary, Mother and role model; heroic figures such as Frederic Ozanam and Edith Stein; and issues ranging from abortion to the Australian republic, from organ donation to Harry Potter. The final text is the 2004 Fisher Lecture, on ‘Conscience: the aboriginal Vicar of Christ’, given at Cambridge University. Foreword by Cardinal Francis Arinze. 16 pages of colour photographs, artworks and other images relating to themes in the book; footnotes; index of Gospel texts. Editor previous wrote the biography George Pell (2002). She is a journalist and is currently editor of the opinion page of the Brisbane Courier-Mail newspaper.

Breaking from the Bud: New forms of Consecrated Life; Maria Casey RSJ; Sisters of St Joseph, Locked Bag 3031, Burwood NSW 1805; PB $24.95 [095790021X]; 320pp; 210x150mm; 2001
Scholarly study of forms of consecrated life in the Catholic Church, presented in four chapters and a general conclusion. Chapter 1 traces the evolution of consecrated life from the time of the early church until new forms recognised in the 1983 Code of Canon Law. Chapter 2 discusses the teachings on consecrated life of Vatican II and post-conciliar documents. Chapter 3 presents a detailed analysis of Canon 605 from the 1983 Code, as well as new forms of consecrated life in the documents of the 1994 Synod of Bishops. Chapter 4 considers the applicability of Canon 605 to current new forms of consecrated life, as well as possibilities for future applications. Foreword by Giovanni Farquer RSJ, author’s Congregational Leader. Endnotes; appendices; bibliography. Irish-born author entered the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart in Sydney. She received her PhD and JCD in Canon Law from Ottawa University and St Paul University, Ottawa. At time of publication she was Director of the Marriage Tribunal for the Diocese of Ballarat.

The Challenge of the Gospel: An agreed statement of the Australian Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue; St Pauls/Broughton Books; PB $4.95 [1876295767]; 48pp; 180x115mm; 2004
An agreed statement by members of the Australian Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue (AUSTARC) on aspects of authority. Chapters include Gospel Authority; From Jesus to the Church; the Authority of the Spirit—the Bible, the Creeds, and the Sacraments; The Authority of the Disciples; The Authority of the Ordained; and Moving Forward Together - an Authority that Listens and Discerns. Preface by Bishops David Walker and Graeme Rutherford, Co-chairs of AUSTARC.

Church Documents on Catholic Education: 1965–2002; St Pauls; PB $19.95 [1876295775]; 253pp; 215x140mm; 2004
Collection of key magisterial documents on Catholic education. The documents are: Declaration on Christian Education, Gravissimum Educationis (Second Vatican Council, 1965); The Catholic School (The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1977); Catechesi Tradendae (Apostolic Exhortation of Pope John Paul II, 1979); Lay Catholics in Schools: Witnesses to Faith (The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1982); The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School (The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1988); The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium (Congregation for Catholic Education, 1997); Consecrated Persons and Their Mission in Schools (Congregation for Catholic Education, 2002). Documents are presented in the official Vatican translations. Endnotes; index.

Eileen: The life of Eileen O’Connor: Foundress of Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor; John Hosie; St Pauls; PB $29.95 [1876295805]; 348pp; 215x140mm; 2004
Biography of Eileen O’Connor (1892-1921), a Catholic lay woman revered for her spiritual wisdom and concern for the poor. Despite severe physical disability, and psychological pain and grief, she founded Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor (aka Brown Nurses), who worked unpaid among the sick poor of Sydney. The book quotes from her writings and also recounts her numerous conflicts with the Catholic authorities. Foreword by David Walker, Bishop of Broken Bay, NSW; photos; endnotes; bibliography; index. Author is a Marist Father best known for his work in marital counselling.

Freedom and Purpose: An introduction to Christian ethics; Robert Gascoigne; Paulist Press, USA, dist. by Rainbow Book Agencies; PB $39.95 [080914221X]; 278pp; 230x150mm; 2004
Introduction to Christian ethics in the Catholic tradition, intended primarily for tertiary undergraduate students, but also suitable for other adult education. Places Christian ethics within the context of a pluralist society, is biblically based, and examines sin and the fundamental option, as well as the relationship between ethics and the teaching authority of the Church. Chapter summaries; questions for discussion; appendix – scriptural sources for select ethical issues; select bibliography, grouped by topic; index. The first edition of this book was published by E. J. Dwyer in 1993, though no reference is made to this in the new edition. Author holds a doctorate of philosophy from Oxford University and a doctorate of theology from the Melbourne College of Divinity. He is an associate professor, Sub-faculty of Philosophy and Theology, Australian Catholic University, Sydney.

God: The interview; Terry Lane; ABC Books; PB $22.95 [0733314007]; 199pp; 210x135mm; 2004
Critique of religion and argument for adopting a sceptical, atheistic approach to life. Revised edition of a book first published in 1993. Presented as an interview between the author and God in which they discuss topics including creation, Jesus, evil and religious conviction, death, and the ‘best of all possible worlds’. In the 1993 edition the author wrote in the belief that religion was on the wane and in retreat, but sees this is no longer the case and now takes a more strident approach in advocating atheism. The book also now considers Islam as well as Christianity. Endnotes; bibliography. Author, once a Church of Christ minister, is a well-known broadcaster and writer. He presents ‘The National Interest’ program each week on ABC Radio National, and writes a column for the Melbourne Sunday Age.

Jewish–Christian Relations: A textbook for Australian students; Maurice Ryan (editor); David Lovell Publishing, dist. by Rainbow Book Agencies; PB $35.00 [1863551050]; 273pp; 240x170mm; 2004
Textbook providing resources on Christian–Jewish relations for those undertaking undergraduate studies, or engaged in pastoral ministry or education. Part 1 consists of individual chapters by a range of Jewish and Christian contributors on specific issues regarding the relationship of Christians and Jews. It draws on disciplines including history, theology, biblical studies, religious education and Jewish studies. Contributors are Diane Armstrong, Edward Cassidy, Robert Crotty, Marianne Dacy, Peta Goldburg, John Levi, Mark R. Lindsay, Maurice Ryan, Michael Signer, and Malcolm J. Turnbull. Some texts have been previously published. Part 2 presents seven official documents from Catholic or Jewish bodies relevant to Jewish–Christian dialogue, beginning with Vatican II. Each is preceded by an introduction. Document studies; exercises at end of each chapter and document; endnotes; glossary; websites; further reading; author profiles; index. Editor is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Religious Education at Australian Catholic University, McAuley Campus, Brisbane.

Light through Darkness: The Orthodox tradition; John Chryssavgis; Darton, Longman and Todd, UK, dist. by Rainbow Book Agencies; PB $29.95 [0232524734]; 156pp; 220x140mm; 2004
Volume in the ‘Traditions of Christian Spirituality’ series, in this instance devoted to the spirituality of the Orthodox tradition. Introduces Orthodox spirituality from a range of historical periods and cultural expressions. Focuses on the notion of brokenness, darkness and imperfection as a path to salvation. Topics include the vocabulary and vision of Orthodox spirituality, liturgy and sacrament, theology, early monasticism and contemporary expressions, the Hesychast experience, ecology and spirituality, and spiritual direction. Preface by series editor, Philip Sheldrake; endnotes; suggested further reading list. Australian-born author is a Greek Orthodox priest who studied in Athens and Oxford and has taught theology in Sydney and Boston. Previous books include Repentance and Confession in the Orthodox Church (1990) and Beyond the Shattered Image: Orthodox perspectives on the environment (1999).

Mark: Storyteller, interpreter, evangelist; Francis J. Moloney SDB; Hendrickson, USA, dist. by W. A. Buchanan & Co.; PB $37.95 [1565635132]; 238pp; 210x140mm; 2004
Introduction to the Gospel of Mark for students and preachers. Part 1 considers questions of authorship, and the Mark as historian and as theologian. Part 2 presents Mark as Storyteller through a commentary on the Gospel. Part 3 examines Mark as Interpreter, specifically of Jesus and of the Christian community. Part 4 is devoted to Mark as Evangelist, assessing the ongoing relevance of his message, such as ‘the good news of human failure’. Endnotes; bibliography; index of modern authors; index of scripture and other ancient sources. Author is a Salesian priest who was appointed the first Professor of Theology at the Australian Catholic University. He is now holds the Katherine Drexel Chair of Religious Studies at the Catholic University of America, Washington DC. For the same publisher, he previously produced a scholarly commentary, The Gospel of Mark: A commentary (2002), winner of the 2003 Reference Book of the Year award of the Academy of Parish Clergy. His many other works The Gospel of John (Sacra Pagina commentary series, 1998), and Experiencing God in the Gospel of John (with Anthony J. Kelly, 2003).

Nightmare of the Prophet: Why the next century could be our most violent yet; Paul Gray; Freedom Publishing; PB $24.95 [0957868278]; 191pp; 210x150mm; 2004
Argues that militant Islamic movements pose the same challenge to Western democracy in the twenty-first century that Communism posed for much of the last century. Like Leninists in the past, Islamic terrorists seek to overthrow the leadership of existing nation-states and establish fundamentalist, totalitarian regimes that embody their distorted understanding of Islam. Gray summarises the strategy he advocates as follows: 1. Propaganda in favour of moderate Islam; 2. Economic support to Muslims in Muslim countries to help them build a middle class; 3. Stronger political alliances between the West and those Muslim governments which demonstrate awareness of the nature of the totalitarian threat; 4. The appropriate use of force. Foreword by Holocaust expert Yehuda Bauer; footnotes; index. Author worked for 11 years as an editor and writer for the National Civic Council. He is a columnist on political and international affairs in the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper and presents a weekly radio program, ‘Gray Matter’.

The Prenatal Person: Ethics from conception to birth; Norman M. Ford; Blackwell Publishing, USA; HB $193.00 [0631234918]; PB $52.95 [0631234926]; 272pp; 230x150mm; 2002
Guide to ethical issues arising from the development of new reproductive technologies. Intended for students of theology, philosophy, and health studies, as well as lay readers. Part 1, ‘Foundations’, presents approaches to morality of persons; approaches to life, health and ethics in the Bible; and Christian and secular approaches to ethical principles for healthcare. Part 2 considers ethical issues with respect to specific topics, including the human embryo, infertility and artificial reproductive technology, prenatal screening and diagnosis, the fetus, and newborns. Provides factual medical and scientific information, as well as an ethical framework, including consideration of secular as well as Christian perspectives. Notes; glossary; select bibliography; notes. Author is a Salesian priest, Director of the Caroline Chisholm Centre for Health Ethics, Melbourne, and lectures in bioethics at the Catholic Theological College, Melbourne. Other books include When Did I Begin? (1991) and Stem Cells (2003).

Reflections in Glass: Trends and tensions in the contemporary Anglican Church; Archbishop Peter Carnley; HarperCollinsPublishers; PB $35.00 [1863717552]; 332pp; 235x155mm; 2004
Controversial discussion by the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia of key areas of dispute within the Anglican Church today. Author’s progressive views on religious and social matters has led him into conflict with more conservative members of his church, especially those the Diocese of Sydney. Topics include the nature of doctrine, fundamentalist approaches to scripture, lay presidency at the Eucharist, women in the episcopate, genetics and stem cell research, and religious tolerance within and outside the Christian church. Endnotes. Author became Archbishop of Perth in 1981 and Primate in 2000. In 1998 he received an Order of Australia for contributions to theology, ecumenism and social justice. Previous books include The Structure of Resurrection Belief (1987) and The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Sermons (2001).

The Story of Adam; Ibn Kathir; Abu Zhair (illustrator); Al Qasim Publishers & Distributors, 393 Murray Rd, Preston 3072, email: ridhwan@iprimus.com.au; PB $6.00 [0958172005]; 24pp; 150x140mm; 2002
Picture book for children aged 3-7 years, telling the story of creation by Allah, as told in the Koran. Focuses on the creation of Adam and of his wife Hawa, and their temptation by Iblis. Features colour illustrations.

The Tripersonal God: Understanding and interpreting the Trinity; Gerald O’Collins SJ; Continuum, UK/USA, dist. by Allen & Unwin; PB $21.95 [0826476880]; 240pp; 200x130mm; 2004
Reissue in the Continuum Icons series of a theological study first published by Paulist Press in 1999. Examines the roots and development of trinitarian belief, drawing on three areas as the basis of its reflection: (1) testimony to a tripersonal God in the Judaeo-Christian scriptures, both the Old Testament background and the teachings of Paul and the Gospel writers; (2) the development of trinitarian doctrine from the councils and writers of the early church, through medieval theology and modern writers; and (3) a number of leading trinitarian issues of our time, such as naming the Trinity, trinitarian imagery, and the distinct personal existence of the Holy Spirit. Glossary; notes; bibliography; index of names. Australian-born author is a professor at the Gregorian University, Rome. His numerous works include Fundamental Theology (1981) and Easter Faith (2003).

Walk Worthy of Your Vocation: A spiritual journey with St Paul; Cardinal Edward Clancy; St Pauls; PB $15.95 [1876295813]; 95pp; 215x140mm; 2004
Work of popular spirituality about Christian vocation, based on the letters of St Paul, which the author quotes from frequently and at length. Intended for personal reading or for use in small groups. Map; notes; traditional dating of the Pauline letters. Author served as Archbishop of Sydney from 1983 until 2001, and was appointed a Cardinal in 1988. He received a doctorate in theology from teh Pontifical Urban Uniersity, Rome, and taught Sacred Scripture at St Patrick’s College, Manly, until being appointed a bishop in 1973. Other books include Come Back! The Church loves you (2002).

Kevin Mark is Data Collection Manager for Australian Books in Print and a former religious publisher for HarperCollins Publishers.