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New Religious Books from Australasian Authors


And Gladly Teach: The Marist experience in Australia, 1872-2000; John Barniff; David Lovell Publishing; PB $24.95 [186355114X]; 256pp; 230x150mm; 2006
History of the contribution of the Marist Brothers to teaching in Australia, from their arrival in Sydney in 1872. A central focus of the study is the relationship between the Marist’s practice of pedagogy in Australia and the founding charism of the order’s French founder, St Marcellin Champagnat (1789–1840). This charism is examined in some detail, in addition to the chronological account of the order in Australia. Book is an abbreviated version of the author’s doctoral thesis; he has previously completed histories of three major Marist schools, St Ildephonsus’ College, New Norcia, WA (unpublished Master’s thesis); Assumption College, Kilmore, Victoria (The Quest for Higher Things, 1992); and St Patrick’s College, Church Hill, NSW (From Cradle to Canonization, 2001). Author was a Marist Brother for 35 years, serving a headmaster and provincial councillor in the Marist Melbourne Province. He has degrees from the Melbourne College of Divinity, Murdoch University (WA), and the Universities of Sydney, New England and San Francisco. Footnotes; bibliography; index.

Australian Religious Diary 2007: Special Blake Prize edition; David Lovell (editor); David Lovell Publishing; HB $32.00 [1863551158]; 132pp; 240x175mm; 2006
Religious diary for Australian use from 3 December 2006 (First Sunday of Advent) until 5 January 2008. Each week-to-an-opening indicates Catholic feast days and daily lectionary readings, as well as the major feasts and holy days of Eastern Rite Catholics, the Anglican, Uniting, Lutheran and Orthodox churches, and of the Jewish and Muslim religions. Liturgical colours for each Sunday are indicated. Illustrated with 18 reproductions, 11 in colour, of art and sculpture by Australian artists, selected from entries for the 2005 Blake Prize for Religious Art. Includes introduction to the Blake Prize by Rod Pattenden, as well as notes on the artists. The diary has been published annually since 1993.

Bernadette of Lourdes: Her life, death and visions; Thérèse Taylor; Continuum, UK, dist. by Allen & Unwin; PB $23.95 [0860124118]; 360pp; 225x145mm; 2007

Reissue of a scholarly biography of Bernadette Soubirous, apparently the first ever in English or French. First published 2003. Traces Bernadette’s story from her impoverished upbringing, through the reported visions and miracles at Lourdes, her life as a Religious, and her death. Draws on previously unpublished testimonies and archival sources. Author makes no judgement on whether Bernadette’s visions were genuine. She places Bernadette’s life and death into the context of her time, and examines her not only in religious terms, but also with reference to themes such as tourism, commercialism, mass-representation and the exploitation of female celebrities. Photos; notes; bibliography; index. Author is a lecturer in Modern History at Charles Sturt University.

Chill Out with God: Prayers and reflections for secondary students and their teachers; Rachelle Tullio; St Pauls; Spiral Bound $24.95 [1876295910]; 104pp; 295x210mm; 2005
Collection of prayers and other resources for reflection, specifically written with the aim of engaging teenagers by addressing their experiences and concerns. It is prepared for use by secondary school students and teachers, but would also be suitable for home use. Each prayer and/or reflection is presented on a single A4 page (apart from the final one, which is two pages), facilitating their reproduction in printed or projected form. Author has been a teacher since 1980 and is the mother of four teenagers.

Choice for Whom?: A discussion of the 2005 industrial relations laws; Dr Tim Battin; Australian Catholic Social Justice Council; PB $6.60 [1864202750]; 40pp; 215x140mm; 2006
Number 58 in the ‘Catholic Social Justice’ series. Examination of the Australian Federal government’s ‘WorkChoices’ legislation which came into force in March 2006. Author, a political economic, focuses on the theory underpining the new industrial relations legislation, and examines it from the perspective of Catholic social teaching. Foreword by ACSJC chairman, Bishop Christopher A. Saunders. Endnotes. Author is a senior lecturer in political economy and political science at the University of New England.

A Fine Wind is Blowing: Psalms of the Bible in words that blow you away; Francis Macnab; Spectrum; PB $19.95 [0867863840]; 115pp; 210x145mm; 2006
Collection of texts in which the author principally presents his own rewording of biblical passages, especially the psalms. The first and largest section presents these new versions of selected psalms, based on the author’s reflections on what he considers the central concerns of the psalmist. Part 2 takes a similar approach to selected New Testament texts, while part 3 is based on texts from Job, Jeremiah, Deuteronomy and Isaiah. Part 4 is a collection of the author’s own prayers. Final part presents his text for a Communion service that abandons notions such as God requiring a blood sacrifice or the physical presence of Jesus in the bread and wine. Author is a psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, group therapist, and executive director of the Cairnmillar Institute, Melbourne. He is also executive minister of St Michael’s Uniting Church, Melbourne. Previous works include Sexual Desire (1982) and Life After Loss (1989).

A Hospital Visitor’s Handbook: The do’s and don’ts of hospital visitation; Neville A. Kirkwood; Continuum (Morehouse), USA, dist. by Allen & Unwin; PB $14.95 [0819222003]; 64pp; 150x100mm; 2006
Pocket-sized practical guide to the art of hospital visitation, written especially for lay people who volunteer to visit fellow parishioners who are ill. Chapters cover ‘Off to Hospital’, ‘Visiting the Patient’, ‘Respecting the Patient’, ‘Observe’ and ‘Relatives and Friends’. Supplementary sections cover ‘Nonverbal Communication Indicators’, ‘Voice Characteristics and Their Meaning’ and ‘Death and You’. Author is an ordained minister who has had 20 years experience as a hospital chaplain in Australia. He has a doctorate of ministry from the San Francisco Theological Seminary. Other books include Pastoral Care to Muslims (1991) and A Hospital Handbook on Multiculturalism and Religion (2nd ed., 2006).

Just James: The brother of Jesus in history and tradition; John Painter; T&T Clark, Scotland, dist. by Allen & Unwin; PB $75 [1570035237]; 342pp; 215x140mm; 2006
Reprint in the ‘T&T Clark Academic Paperbacks’ series. Originally published in the ‘Studies on Personalities of the New Testament’ series by University of South Carolina Press, 1997. Detailed scholarly examination of biblical and other ancient texts to recover the figure of James, known as the ‘brother’ of Jesus, and his role in the formation of the early Christian church. Part 1 examines the New Testament texts, considering James and the family of Jesus in the Gospels, James in the Acts of the Apostles, the relationship of James and Paul in the latter’s Letters, and diversity in conflict in the missions of James, Peter, Matthew and Paul. Part 2 examines images of James in other texts from the period of the early church, including Eusebius, Gnostic texts, and other Apocrypha. The final chapter considers James and Jewish Christianity, and the Epistle of James. Excursus on Robert Eisenman’s James the Brother of Jesus (1997); footnotes; bibliography; index of biblical and ancient sources; index of modern authors; index of subjects. Author is Professor of Theology at St Mark’s National Theological Centre, Charles Sturt University, Canberra. Other works include Quest for the Messiah (2nd ed., 1993) and Reading Mark: Worlds in conflict (1997).

The Little Gift of Julian of Norwich; Karen Manton; Lynne Muir (illustrator); John Garratt Publishing; HB $9.95 [1920721411]; 8pp; 105x105mm; 2006
Giftbook that reproduces selected texts and artwork from The Gift of Julian of Norwich (2005). One of ‘The Little Gift’ series. The covers separate to reveal seven panels with brief texts from Julian’s A Book of Showings, in calligraphy and with colour illustrations by artist Muir. Includes panel on which a gift recipient can be written.

The Little Gift of Saint Benedict; Vera A. Holyhead SGS; Lynne Muir (illustrator); John Garratt Publishing; HB $9.95 [1920721398]; 8pp; 105x105mm; 2006
Giftbook that reproduces selected texts and artwork from The Gift of Saint Benedict (2002). One of ‘The Little Gift’ series. The covers separate to reveal seven panels with brief texts from the Rule of St Benedict, in calligraphy and with colour illustrations by artist Muir. Includes panel on which a gift recipient can be written.

The Little Gift of Saint Francis; John Davis; Don McMonigle; Lynne Muir (illustrator); John Garratt Publishing; HB $9.95 [1920721401]; 8pp; 105x105mm; 2006
Giftbook that reproduces selected texts and artwork from The Gift of St Francis (2003). One of ‘The Little Gift’ series. The covers separate to reveal seven panels with prayers by St Francis of Assisi, in calligraphy and with colour illustrations by artist Muir. Includes panel on which a gift recipient can be written.

Morris West: Literary maverick; Maryanne Confoy; John Wiley & Sons Australia; PB $39.95 [1740311191]; 384pp; 230x155mm; 2005
Biography of one of Australia’s high-selling authors. Morris West (1916–1999) gained international acclaim with the novel The Devil’s Advocate (1959), and his more than 30 books and plays have sold over 70 million copies. He was best known for his novels related to the Catholic Church, including The Shoes of the Fisherman and The Clowns of God, but wrote more widely than this, generally combining popular fiction with moral questioning. Confoy presents West’s life chronologically, believing he was tormented by internal division, and considers his ambivalent relationship with the Catholic Church. Photos; endnotes; references; index. Author graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne and a PhD in theology and education at Boston College, USA. She lectures in practical theology at Jesuit Theological College, Melbourne, and is visiting professor at the Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, Boston College. Previous books include the study Morris West: A writer and a spirituality (1997) and she was a contributing editor to Freedom and Entrapment: Women thinking theology (1995).

Sacred Space: The prayer book 2007; Jesuit Communication Centre, Ireland; Michelle Anderson Publishing, www.michelleandersonpublishing. com, dist. by John Garratt Publishing; PB $24.95 [0855723742]; 381pp; 210x135mm; 2006
Daily prayer book for the 2007 liturgical year. It is based on the website www.sacredspace.ie, established in 1999 by Alan McGuckian SJ and Peter Scally SJ of the Jesuit Communication Centre, Ireland. The site has had over 20 million visits and is translated into 20 languages. The book presents the same process of prayer: each week begins with ‘Something to think and pray about each day this week’, then six brief ‘stages of prayer’, which include a scripture reading that differs each day (and is reproduced in full, along with brief pointers for reflection). The first edition of the prayer book was published in 2004. The Australian connection is that local publisher Michelle Anderson produced the book, publishes it here, and licenses it to other publishers for international release, including Ave Maria Press in the USA.

Saying Hello! to God: Learning to pray; Graham English; John Garratt Publishing; PB $14.95 [192072138X]; 80pp; 140x180mm; 2006
Introduction to Christian prayer, understood as a relationship with a loving God. Presents a variety of approaches to prayer, both personal and communal, and includes texts of a number of traditional prayers as well as the author’s own. Includes author’s cartoon-style illustrations. Author is senior lecturer in Religious Education at Australian Catholic University, Sydney. Previous books include Catholics in Australia (1988), Someone Keeps Sending Me Flowers (1989) and Our Church (1992).

Seasons of Social Justice: 2007 Social Justice Diary; Suzette Clark rsc (compiler); Australian Catholic Social Justice Council; PB $6.60 [no ISBN]; 51pp; 210x140mm; 2006
2007 edition of a calendar focused on social justice events and issues, produced annually since 1999 by the Australian Catholic Social Justice Commission (ACSJC). It lists important events and historical dates that provide a focus for prayer and social justice activities for individuals, groups, parishes and schools. Accompanying notes explain the significance of the dates, with suggestions for action and reflection, and sources of further information, particularly websites, as appropriate. The 2007 diary focuses on globalisation, takes the theme assigned to Social Justice Sunday in 2007: ‘Australia’s role as a global citizen’. Preface by John Ferguson, National Executive Officer, ACSJC.

St Paul Sunday Missal 2007; St Pauls; PB $17.95 [1921032189]; 400pp; 170x110mm; 2006
Sunday missal for Australian use in the 2007 liturgical year. Includes the full text of the Order of the Mass, along with a separate section giving the people’s parts in Latin. Following section, and body of the book, presents all biblical passages, prayers and other texts for each Sunday. Each Sunday includes an introduction and concluding reflection by Gearard Ó Floinn. Two-colour printing thoroughout.

Sundays Under the Southern Cross: Gospel reflections, Year C, Luke; Mary Coloe PBVM; John Garratt Publishing; PB $9.95 [1920721355]; 87pp; 135x100mm; 2006
Pocked-sized series of reflections on the Gospel readings for the Sunday Eucharist for Year C of the Catholic liturgical cycle. Most are from the Gospel of Luke, which is also briefly introduced by the author. For each Sunday the author provides the Gospel reference, a brief quote from it, a theme, and a short reflection based on the biblical text. Author’s companion volume, for Year B - Mark, was published 2005. Author teaches New Testament at Australian Catholic University and at St Paul’s Seminary, Brisbane. Previous books include God Dwells with Us: Temple symbolism in the Fourth Gospel (2001).

Theology of the Body Made Simple; Anthony Percy; Connor Court, www.connorcourt.com.au; PB $18.95 [097580152X]; 77pp; 210x150mm; 2005
Presentation for the general reader of the teaching of Pope John Paul II between 1979 and 1984 on what has been called ‘The Theology of the Body’. The pope’s teaching is seen to offer fresh insights into the human body and sexuality, human relationships, and married and single life. Drawing on the book of Genesis and human experience, the pope presents the following human experiences: original solitude, original unity, original nakedness, and original sin. In addition to explaining the papal teaching, the author applies this to various sexual activities. Foreword by Professor Kenneth Schmitz, associate fellow of the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, and professor of philosophy, John Paul II Institute and Catholic University of America, Washington DC. Author is a priest of the Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn where he is parish priest of Goulburn, NSW. He has a doctorate in sacred theology from the John Paul II Institute, Washington DC.

Welcoming the Word in Year C: With Burning Hearts; Vera A. Holyhead SGS; John Garratt Publishing; PB $24.95 [1920721312]; 224pp; 230x150mm; 2006
Collection of reflections on the lectionary readings for the Sunday liturgies for Year C. They are presented in chapters based on the liturgical seasons: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary Time. A final chapter presents ‘short conversations between the Sunday Lectionary and the Rule of Benedict’. Each chapter has endnotes. Published in the United States by Liturgical Press. Companion volumes by the author on the other Liturgical Years, A and B, are planned. Author is an Australian religious in the Benedictine tradition whose previous publications include Following the Cross (1998) and The Gift of Saint Benedict (2002).

Yielding to Love: Learning to follow our yearning for deeper communication with God; Michael Fallon; St Pauls; PB $24.95 [1921032030]; 206pp; 215x140mm; 2005
Guidebook for those seeking a deeper relationship with God. Part 1 reflects on the type of life one needs to live, and kind of heart one needs, if one’s communion with God is to grow. Part 2 reflects on active prayer; on ways one can learn to pray. Part 3 turns to passive prayer, which comes with opening oneself to God’s communion. Author draws on his expertise as a biblical scholar as well as the writings of the Carmelite saints Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. Foreword by Michael Casey OCSO. Bibliography. Author is a Missionary of the Sacred Heart who has lectured in Scripture at St Paul’s National Seminary, Sydney, been involved in adult faith education, and given numerous retreats. He is parish priest at Kippax, Canberra. Previous books include a series of commentaries on the New Testament writings (Chevalier Press, 1997–2005) and A Priest after My Own Heart: Exploring priestly spirituality (2001).

Kevin Mark manages the Australasian information in the Global Books in Print database and is former religious publisher for HarperCollins Publishers.