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New religious books by Australasian authors


Anglicans in Australia; Tom Frame; University of New South Wales Press; PB $39.95 [9780868408309]; 303pp; 235x155mm; 2007

Study of the Anglican Church in Australia by one of its bishops. First section is primarily historical, considering the Church’s origins in England and its evolution in Australia since European settlement. Section two is a survey of contemporary issues, focusing on four crises: belief, belonging, behaviour, and international. Final section considers future prospects and possibilities, including what the author considers the 10 most pressuring challenges for the Anglican Church in the next decade, observations on what the Church may look like it 20 years hence, and a commendation of what is called ‘Consensus Anglicanism’ or ‘Reformed Catholicism’. Endnotes; bibliography; index. Author served in the Royal Australian Navy prior to training for the Anglican priesthood and being appointed to parishes in Australian and England. He was Bishop to the Australian Defence Force 2001-2007 and is now Director of St Mark’s National Theological Centre, Canberra, and Head of Charles Sturt University’s School of Theology. He is author or editor of 20 books, including Church and State: Australia’s Imaginary Wall (2006) and Anglicanism in Australia: A History (co-editor, 2002).


Australian Religious Diary 2008: A tribute to John Coburn; David Lovell (editor); David Lovell Publishing; HB $32.00 [9781863551199]; 132pp; 240x175mm; 2007

Religious diary for Australian use from 2 December 2007 (First Sunday of Advent) until 3 January 2009. Each week-to-an-opening indicates Catholic feast days and daily lectionary readings, as well as the major feasts and holy days of Eastern Rite Catholics, the Anglican, Uniting, Lutheran and Orthodox churches, and of the Jewish and Muslim religions. Liturgical colours for each Sunday are indicated. The diary has been published annually since 1993. This edition is a tribute to the Australian artist John Coburn (1925–2006). In addition to use of his painting ‘Canticle of the Sun’ on the cover, colour reproductions appear in the diary and there is an introductory essay on Coburn by Rev. Rod Pattenden, Chairperson of the Blake Society.


The De La Salle Brothers in Australia: 100 years of presence: A centenary essay; Gerard Rummery fsc; Lasallian Education Centre, c/- De La Salle Provincial Office, 26 Meredith St, Bankstown 2200; PB $15 [0975114816]; 23pp; 230x150mm; 2006

Essay on the influence of the French-founded Brothers of the Christian Schools (or De La Salle Brothers), especially through the texts attributed to Saint John Baptist de La Salle, including ‘The Conduct of Christian Schools’. Sections discuss the adaptation by women’s congregations, the influence of Lasallian texts on education in 19th-centiry Ireland, and the importance of these translations in countries other than Ireland, including Australia. Author is a member of the De La Salle Order.


The General Instruction of the Roman Missal: Interim text for Australia; Congregation for Divine Worship and the Disciple of the Sacraments; Australian Catholic Bishops Conference; St Pauls; PB $14.95 [9781921032783]; 142pp; 215x140mm; 2007

Interim translation of The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM, 2002 edition) approved for study use in Australia. Final edition is to be published to when the third edition of the Roman Missal is released in English.

The Gift of Mary MacKillop; Colleen O’Sullivan RSJ; Lynne Muir (illustrator); John Garratt Publishing; HB $22.95 [9781920721480]; 128pp; 155x155mm; 2007

Giftbook presentation of the life and spirituality of Blessed Mary MacKillop (1842–1909). Illustrated throughout with original colour illustrations and calligraphy by artist Muir, who also illustrated previous books in this series, including The Gift of Saint Benedict (Verna A. Holyhead, 2002) and The Gift of Saint Francis (John Davis & Don McMonigle, 2003). Timeline; pilgrimage suggestions; further reading list. Author is a Josephite sister who recently completed a doctorate examing literature and spirituality in the work of Thomas Merton and is a spiritual director at St Joseph’s Centre for Reflective Living at Baulkham Hills, Sydney.


God and Caesar: Selected essays on religion, politics, and society; George Pell; M. A. Casey (editor); Connor Court/Catholic University of America Press; PB $29.95 [9780980293685]; 199pp; 215x140mm; 2007

Collection of writings by Cardinal George Pell, that addresses issues related to the engagement of Christianity, and especially the Catholic Church, in western democratic societies such as Australia. The ten essays are based on addresses given by Pell between 1997 and 2003 in Melbourne, Sydney, the University of Cambridge, and in the United States. Some have been revised and updated for publication. The first five essays deal with issues related to Catholicism within democratic societies. The second section considers topics related to ‘Faith, Reason, and Life’. These include a discussions of the relationship between religious belief and science, the place of theology in universities, and ‘The Role of the Bishop in Promoting the Gospel of Life’, which includes Pell’s analysis of the Australian situation regarding abortion and attitudes of Australian’s to life issues. His controversial objection to arguments for the primary of conscience is another focus of that essay, as well as the final essay, ‘Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Moral Responsibility’. Footnotes; bibliography; index. Co-published with the Catholic University of America Press. Author is Archbishop of Sydney and holds a licentiate in theology from the Urban University, Rome, and a doctorate in church history from the University of Oxford. Editor is Pell’s private secretary and a permanent fellow in sociology and politics at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family, Melbourne.


Leadership in Religious Education; Richard Rymarz (editor); St Pauls; PB $29.95 [1921032200]; 190pp; 215x140mm; 2006

Collection of essays by tertiary educators to assist leaders and potential leaders in Catholic religious education to develop their knowledge, skills and vision. Topics include the history of approaches to religious education in Catholic schools, challenges for ongoing theological education of generation X Catholics, sacramental education, spiritual intelligence, and nurturing religious education coordinators. Contributors are Michael T. Buchanan, Leonie T. Crotty, Marion de Souza, Kath Engebretson, Jan Garjczonek, Helen Healy, Brendan Hyde, Richard Rymarz and Paul Sharkey. Each essay concludes with a references list and notes on the author. Editor is Senior Lecturer in Religious Education at Australian Catholic University National.


The Little Gift of Mary MacKillop; Colleen O’Sullivan RSJ; Lynne Muir (illustrator); John Garratt Publishing; HB $9.95 [9781920721497]; 8pp; 105x105mm; 2007

Giftbook that reproduces selected texts and artwork from The Gift of Mary MacKillop (2007). One of ‘The Little Gift’ series. The covers separate to reveal seven panels with three brief texts by MacKillop in calligraphy and four colour illustrations by artist Muir. Includes panel on which a gift recipient can be written.


The Lord’s Prayer; Gerald O’Collins SJ; Darton, Longman and Todd, UK, dist. by Rainbow Book Agencies; PB $29.95 [9780232526844]; 146pp; 215x135mm; 2006

Popular study of the Lord’s Prayer by a biblical scholar and theologian. Examines each section of the prayer with respect to its original meaning in the New Testament, as well as how it has been understood historically and its relevance in our time. Part 1 focuses on aspects of the address of the prayer to Abba, Our Father. Part 2 examines the ‘You’ petitions of the prayer. Part 3 considers the ‘We’ petitions. The prayer is only found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, but Part 4 discusses parallel texts in the Gospels of Mark and John, as well as the doxology that follows the biblical prayer in the Didache and the liturgy. Endnotes; bibliography; index of names. Australian-born Jesuit author is the former Professor of Systematic Theology at the Gregorian University, Rome. He was made a Companion of the Order of Australia in 2006. His numerous works include Has Dogma a Future? (1975) and The Tripersonal God (1999).


Morris West: Literary maverick; Maryanne Confoy; John Wiley & Sons Australia; PB $29.95 [1740311191]; 384pp; 230x155mm; 2005

Biography of one of Australia’s high-selling authors. Morris West (1916–99) gained international acclaim with the novel The Devil’s Advocate (1959), and his more than 30 books and plays have sold over 70 million copies. He was best known for his novels related to the Catholic Church, including The Shoes of the Fisherman and The Clowns of God, but wrote more widely than this, generally combining popular fiction with moral questioning. Confoy presents West’s life chronologically, believing he was tormented by internal division, and considers his ambivalent relationship with the Catholic Church. Photos; endnotes; references; index. Author graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne and a PhD in theology and education at Boston College, USA. She lectures in practical theology at Jesuit Theological College, Melbourne, and is visiting professor at the Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, Boston College. Previous books include the study Morris West: A writer and a spirituality (1997) and she was a contributing editor to Freedom and Entrapment: Women Thinking Theology (1995).


Pope John Paul II: A reader; Gerald O’Collins SJ, Daniel Kendall SJ & Jeffrey Labelle SJ (editors); Paulist Press, dist. by Rainbow Book Agencies; PB $33.95 [9780809144792]; 272pp; 230x150mm; 2007

Collection of texts by Pope John Paul II, grouped into 12 sections, based on major themes: Revelation, Faith, Tradition, and Scripture; Faith and Reason; The Triune God and Jesus Christ; The Human Condition; Present Grace and Future Glory; The Sacraments and Worship; The Church and Her Mission; Other Christians and Other Religions; Principles for Human and Christian Life; The Social Doctrine of the Church; Respect for Life; and Christian Spirituality. Texts range in length from single paragraphs to several pages, and range from encyclicals to addresses. Includes brief introductions by the editors to each section, and to some individual texts. Details of sources; alphabetical and chronological lists of all documents quoted (incorporating a brief summary of the content of each document); indexes of documents, persons and subjects. Authors are all Jesuit scholars, including Australian O’Collins, who taught for 33 years at the Gregorian University, Rome, and is now a research professor at St Mary’s College, University of Surrey, England.


Prayers for the Journey; James M. FitzPatrick OMI; St Pauls Publications; HB $19.95 [9781921032790]; 160pp; 170x120mm; 2007

Collection of brief original prayers, one for each day of the year. A theme (and brief scripture quotation) is presented for each week, though not all prayers relate specifically to those themes. The prayers are intended as a springboard for the reader in their time spent with God. The days are not dated, so the book can be used in any year. Book is hardcover, printed in two colours (black and another colour that changes from month to month), and includes illustrations by Dorothy Woodward RSJ, suggesting its suitability as a gift. Author is an Australian Oblate of Mary Immaculate priest who was National Director of the Catholic Enquiry Centre for ten years, and later worked on 31 causes of canonisation at the Oblate General Administration in Rome.


Sacred Space: The prayer book 2008; Jesuit Communication Centre, Ireland; Michelle Anderson Publishing, dist. by John Garratt Publishing; PB $32.95 [0855723742]; 379pp; 210x135mm; 2007

Daily prayer book for the 2007–2008 liturgical year. It is based on the website www.sacredspace.ie, established in 1999 by Alan McGuckian SJ and Peter Scally SJ of the Jesuit Communication Centre, Ireland. The book presents the same process of prayer: each week begins with ‘Something to think and pray about each day this week’, then six brief ‘stages of prayer’, which include a scripture reading that differs each day (and is reproduced in full, along with brief pointers for reflection). First edition of the prayer book was published 2004. The Australian connection is that local publisher Michelle Anderson produced the book, publishes it here, and licenses it to other publishers for international release, including Ave Maria Press in the USA.


St Paul Sunday Missal 2008; St Pauls; PB $17.95 [9781921032639]; 400pp; 170x110mm; 2007

Sunday missal for Australian use in the 2007–2008 liturgical year. Includes the full text of the Order of the Mass, along with a separate section giving the people’s parts in Latin. Following section, and body of the book, presents all biblical passages, prayers and other texts for each Sunday. Each Sunday includes an introduction and concluding reflection by Gearard Ó Floinn. Two-colour printing thoroughout.


Sundays Under the Southern Cross: Gospel reflections, Year A, Matthew; Mary Coloe PBVM; John Garratt Publishing; PB $9.95 [1920721355]; 88pp; 135x100mm; 2007

Pocket-sized series of reflections on the Gospel readings for the Sunday Eucharist for Year A of the Catholic liturgical cycle. Most are from the Gospel of Matthew, which is also briefly introduced by the author. For each Sunday the author provides the Gospel reference, a brief quote from it, and a short reflection based on the biblical text. Author’s companion volumes, for Year B - Mark and Year C - Luke, were published in 2005 and 2006, respectively. Author is a Presentation Sister with a Doctorate in Theology from the Melbourne College of Divinity. She teaches New Testament at Australian Catholic University and at St Paul’s Seminary, Brisbane. Other books are God Dwells with Us: Temple Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel (2001) and Dwelling in the Household of God: Johannine Ecclesiology and Spirituality (2007).


Kevin Mark manages the Australasian information in the Global Books in Print database and is former religious publisher for HarperCollins Publishers.